IBNS 30th Annual Meeting

 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
June 1 - 5, 2021


 Call for Symposium Proposals

We are pleased to announce that the IBNS Program Committee is now accepting proposals to develop an exciting program for the 30th Annual Meeting, to be held June 1 - 5, 2021, at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Symposia play a major role in shaping the IBNS annual meeting by focusing on timely, relevant and innovative research in the field of Behavioral Neuroscience. More information is provided below, so please share the Call with your friends and colleagues. October 19, 2020 is the deadline for priority consideration of a symposium. A symposium includes four (4) speakers and is scheduled for two (2) hours. The time and date of symposia are set by the Program Committee. All symposium proposals should include:

  • Title
  • Name of the chairperson(s)
  • Substantive but succinct description of the topic and proposed talks (Limited to 4,400 characters, including spaces.)
  • List of four (4) speakers with affiliations and email addresses
  • Tentative talk titles

We welcome proposals using innovative formats (debate style, hands-on demonstration or workshop), for which the same 2-hour format will also be available.


IBNS supports diversity in science. As such, we request that you include diversity information pertaining to your submission. Please recognize that diversity takes many forms, in terms of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, professional seniority, institution type, etc. The Program Committee will take this information into consideration when prioritizing symposia proposals. Also, please (briefly) provide justification if more than one presenter comes from the same institution or if the panel consists entirely of only one gender.

Early career trainees (postdoctoral fellows/graduate students) are encouraged to submit symposium proposals together with senior investigators, to gain experience in organizing and co-chairing sessions as well as presenting their work alongside senior researchers in their field; a suggested format would be to include three (3) PIs and one (1) trainee in the panel.


*Please note that IBNS does not provide financial support to symposium speakers or organizers. Each organizer and speaker are expected to cover their own fees, including registration and abstract submission fees. All proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee and then submitted to the IBNS Council for consideration. Proposals that are not accommodated one year may be re-submitted the following year and will receive the same consideration as all other proposals. Members and non-members of IBNS are invited to submit symposium proposals.  

Click here to submit your symposium proposal

Accepted Symposia for 2021

Be sure to submit prior to October 19, 2020

Neuroscience of Maternal Mental Illness. Chair: Jodi Pawluski. Speakers: Elseline Hoekzema, Benedetta Leuner, Joseph Lonstein, Jodi Pawluski.

Using Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning to Reveal Associative and Nonassociative Consequences of Traumatic Stress. Chairs: Michael Drew; Susan Sangha. Speakers: Abha Rajbhandari, Moriel Zelikowsky, Andrew Poulos, Michael Drew.

Contributions of the Cingulate-Retrosplenial Cortical Axis to Learning and Memory Consolidation. Chairs: Nicole Ferrara; Janine Kwapis. Speakers: Nicole Ferrara, Aaron Jasnow, Sydney Trask, Janine Kwapis.

Clinical and Experimental Assessment of Behaviors Associated with Dementia: Challenges and Solutions. Chairs: Farida Sohrabji; Gregory Bix. Speakers: Terry Quinn, Marion Buckwalter, Jerome Badaut, Aditya Panta, Masafumi Ihara.

Origins of Sex Differences in Behavior: The Unusual Suspects. Chairs: Debra Bangasser; Georgia Hodes. Speakers: Marianne Seney, A.J. Robison, Georgia Hodes, Debra Bangasser.

Neural Systems Regulating Responses to Stress, Threat, and Safety. Chairs: Ryan LaLumiere; Heidi Meyer. Speakers: Jason Radley, Michael Baratta, Susan Sangha, Heidi Meyer.

A New Perspective on the Role of the Insular Cortex in Cognition and Behavior Based on Pre-Clinical Research. Chairs: John Christianson; Anna Beyeler. Speakers: Yoav Livneh, Nadine Gogolla, John Christianson, Anna Beyeler.

Memory and Plasticity in Development and Maturation - Periods of Vulnerability and Opportunity. Chair: Jee Hyun Kim. Speakers: Paul Frankland, Judy Sng, Yvonne Nolan, Jee Hyun Kim.

Glial Control of Neuronal Plasticity and Behavior. Chairs: Pavel Ortinski; Jill Turner. Speakers: Kathryn Reissner, Jill Turner, Annalisa Scimemi, Pavel Ortinski.

The Role of the Environment on the Penetrance of Neuro Developmental Disorders. Chairs: Lorenzo More; Lucia Privitera. Speakers: Victorio Bambini-Junior, Carmem Gottfried, Lucia Privitera, Lorenzo More.

Hormone-Mediated Neuroplasticity Across Behaviors. Chairs: Laura Been; Liisa Galea. Speakers: Erica Glasper, Laura Been, Liisa Galea, Paul Sheppard.

Reward Seeking vs Addiction: Exploring the Phenotypes of Substance Use Disorder Using Rodent Models. Chairs: Christina Perry; Andrew Lawrence. Speakers: Bianca Jupp, Christina Perry, Nathan Marchant, Morgan James.

New Directions in Modelling Dysregulated Reward Seeking. Chairs: Robyn Brown; Morgan James. Speakers: Robyn Brown, Morgan James, Rachel Smith, Chris Dayas.

Developmental Origin of Neurocognitive Behavioral Disorders in Adolescence and Adults. Chair: Shameena Bake. Speakers: Elizabeth Byrnes, Shameena Bake, Joanne Weinberg, Sumikawa Katumi, Amanda Kentner.

The Rodent Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Associated Circuits in Behavior Under Variable Demands. Chair: John Howland. Speakers: Nadia Chaudhri, Rutsuko Ito, John Howland, Christopher Lapish.

The Cognitive Basis of Drug Relapse: Neural Circuitry Underlying Extinction and Reinstatement of Reward-Seeking Behavior. Chairs: Steven Simmons; Amelia Eisch. Speakers: Steven Simmons, Ryan LaLumiere, Najmeh Katebi, Suzanne Nolan.

Translation Across the Lifespan: Genetic and Environmental Risk Models for Complex Disease. Chairs: Jill L. Silverman; Jonathan L. Brigman. Speakers: Stacey J. Sukoff Rizzo, Kristen D. Onos, Jonathan L. Brigman, Pamela J. Lein.

Consequences of Cancer and Cancer Treatment on the Brain and Behaviour. Chairs: Stephen Kent; Adam Walker. Speakers: Haryana Dhillon, Leah Pyter, Stephen Kent, Adam Walker.


Travel Awards

IBNS has a commitment to diversity and inclusion and welcomes undergraduates, graduates and postdocs from all geographic areas and backgrounds to apply for a 2021 travel award to assist with their travel expenses for IBNS 30th Annual meeting. Travel Award Applications are due by December 6, 2020.  The application form will be available by October 1. (A link to the application form will be posted on this page when it is completed.)

Click here to view the 2020 Travel Award winners.

Travel Award applicants are judged based on criteria specific to their level of training. In addition, travel costs will be taken into consideration in determining the final amount of the award. Travel Award recipients are required to present a poster as well as participate in a slide blitz session. Award recipients are required to attend the entire meeting. 



Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa

Paseo La Marina Norte 435, Marina Vallarta,
48354 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
+52 322 226 0000

The IBNS conference hotel is the beautiful Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa conveniently located near downtown Puerto Vallarta, as well as Malecon Puerto Vallarta and the Galeria Vallarta mall. All rooms and suites come with a balcony or terrace so you'll never be far from an incredible view. Amenities include cozy pillow top mattresses, Netflix availability through your flat-panel TV, complimentary robes to lounge in, 24/7 room service, six restaurants with authentic Mexican food, along with American and Japanese cuisines.  The hotel has received numerous awards/accolades including Four Diamond designation, Travelers' Choice Award and Trip Advisors' Certificate of Excellence. 

The amazing IBNS group rates for a Single or Double (Deluxe Run of House) room is $102 USD per night (European Plan - no meals included). Hotel room rates are per room per night and subject to applicable state and local taxes, currently 19%, in effect at the time of check-out.  Upgrades are available to Deluxe Run of Ocean at $165 per night or Junior Suite at $202.00 USD.


Note from the Executive Director:  

From the warm and inviting staff...
to the beautiful sunsets and the inspiring turtle release program...

this has become one of my favorite resorts. 

Read about Marriott's turtle release program here.



Program Committee 

Lisa Briand, Chair, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2022
Gregory Carr, Co-Chair & Diversity Comm Liaison, Lieber Inst for Brain Dvlpmnt, Baltimore, MD, USA 2022
Jill McGaughy, President-Elect, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA 2021
Amanda Kentner, Diversity Committee Liaison, MCPHS University, Boston, MA, USA 2021
Cindy Barha, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2021
Yasushi Kiyokawa, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 2021
Stan Floresco, Council Liaison, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 2022
Anand Gururajan, Diversity Committee Liaison, University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia 2023
Molly Kent, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA, USA 2023
Barry Waterhouse, Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Stratford, NJ, USA 2023
Jill Silverman, MIND Institute, UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA, USA 2023



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