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The abstract portal for IBNS 2024 is now open!
Deadline: February 23, 2024 @ 11:59 PM EST
 Submit Your Abstract


Abstracts may be submitted on any subject related to the general area of behavioral neuroscience. PRESENTING AUTHORS MUST SUBMIT THEIR ABSTRACT USING THEIR OWN LOG IN (e.g. Advisors may not submit an abstract for a student under the advisor's account). More than one abstract may be submitted by each author.

ANYONE who wants to present at IBNS must submit an abstract through the abstract form online. This includes keynote speakers, symposia speakers, travel awardees and anyone else who wants to present.

Abstracts should be no longer than 2,500 characters including title, author, affiliations and spaces and prepared as a single paragraph, single-spaced. Abstracts should NOT contain photos, tables or references. Data must be original and not previously published. Please include any funding acknowledgements.

A nonrefundable abstract fee of $50 will be due at the time of submission. Abstracts should be submitted by February 23, 2024. Late abstracts will not be accepted.

Members and non-members of IBNS are invited to submit abstracts.

ALL speakers must submit an abstract for their individual talk.



The poster boards in Panama will be 96" tall and 37" wide.  ​You can print your poster any size you want as long as it does not exceed 96" tall and 37" wide. The illustration above shows two boards side-by-side.  Each poster will use only one board!

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Keynote Speakers

Click here to read more about our keynote speakers

Presidential Lecture:

Lisa Saksida

Cross-species Cognition, Collaboration, Community, and Co-clinical Trials

Keynote Lecture: 

Stephen Maren

Hippocampal Engrams and Fear Relapse

Keynote Lecture: 

Judith Homberg

Serotonin x environment: For better and for worse

Keynote Lecture:

Timothy Bussey

Organisation and Mechanisms of Memory: Memory Modules versus the Representational-Hierarchical View

Bench-to-Bedside Keynote:

Kafui Dzirasa

Mapping and Editing Neural Circuits for Emotions

Local Keynote Speakers

Keynote Lecture:

Gabrielle Britton

Biomarkers of age-associated cognitive decline: The PARI-HD study



Keynote Lecture:

Maria Beatriz Carreira

The PARI-HD study: Preclinical studies of factors associated with cognitive decline


Click here to see ALL speakers and poster presenters for the IBNS 2024 meeting.

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Hormones, Sex and Neuroplasticity: A life of changes and their implications for behavior and health.  Chair: Elena Choleris, University of Guelph;  Co-Chair: Karyn M. Frick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Speakers: Liisa Galea, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Karyn M. Frick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Elena Choleris, University of Guelph; Farida Sohrabji, Texas A&M University School of Medicine.

Circadian rhythms in behavioral neuroscience.  Chair: Leah Pyter, Ohio State University;  Co-Chair: Eldin Jasarevic, Magee-Womens Research Institute. Speakers: Leah Pyter, Ohio State University; Laura Fonken, University of Texas Austin; Lauren DePoy, University of Pittsburgh; Eldin Jasarevic, Magee-Womens Research Institute.

Food, fluids, and friends: Sex differences in motivation for natural rewards.  Chair: Debra Bangasser, Georgia State University;  Co-Chair: Jessica Santollo, University of Kentucky. Speakers: Carrie Ferrario, University of Michigan; Jessica Santollo, University of Kentucky; Jeremy Spool, University of Massachusetts; Debra Bangasser, Georgia State University.

Amydala-striatal interactions in reward processing.  Chair: Talia Lerner, Northwestern University. Speakers: Kate Wassum, UCLA; Bo Li, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; Jacob Nadel, Northwestern University; Julie Fudge, University of Rochester Medical Center.

Impact of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system on neocortical circuits controlling executive function and motor behavior.  Chair: Barry Waterhouse, Rowan-Virtua College of Medicine and Life Sciences;  Co-Chair: Daniel Chandler, Rowan-Virtua College of Medicine and Life Sciences. Speakers: Cameron Ogg, St Jude Children's Research Hospital; Catherine Thorn, University of Texas at Dallas; Nathaniel Jones, University of Ottawa; Vincent Breton-Provencher, University of Laval; Nelson Totah, Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences.

The role of the microbiota-gut-brain axis in modulating complex behaviors.  Chair: Melanie Gareau, University of California Davis;  Co-Chair: Jill Silverman, University of California Davis.  Speakers: Drew Kiraly, Wake Forest University; Melanie Gareau, University of California Davis; Jill Silverman, University of California Davis; Eldin Jasarevic, University of Pittsburgh.

Time to talk about us: Unconditional stimulus (US) modulation of associative learning.  Chair: Nicole Ferrara, Rosalind Franklin University;  Co-Chair: Erisa Met Hoxha, Purdue University. Speakers: Erisa Met Hoxha, Purdue University; Nicole Ferrara, Rosalind Franklin University; Lucas De Oliveira Alvares, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; Sydney Trask, Purdue University.

Understanding defensive avoidance: Insights into neural circuits and behavior.  Chair: Alba Lopez-Moraga, KU Leuven;  Co-Chair: Christian Bravo-Rivera, University of Puerto Rico. Speakers: Guillermo Aquino-Miranda, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; Maria Diehl, Kansas State University; Christian Bravo-Rivera, University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine; Alba Lopez-Moraga, KU Leuven.

Elucidating the Neural Substrates of Motivational Conflict Across Species.  Chair: Carolina Rezaval, University of Birmingham;  Co-Chair: Fabricio Do Monte, University of Texas Health Science Center. Speakers: Hugo A. Tejeda, National Institute of Mental Health; Fabricio Do Monte, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; Carolina Rezaval, University of Birmingham; Johannes Felsenberg, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research.

Neural drivers of reward seeking across distinct classes of drug and reward.  Chair: Elizabeth West, Rowan University;  Co-Chair: Travis Moschak, University of Texas at El Paso. Speakers:  Travis Moschak, University of Texas at El Paso; Melanie Pina, University of Maryland School of Medicine; Jacqueline Paniccia, Medical University of South Carolina; Elizabeth West, Rowan University.

Novel behavioural models for advancing the study of eating disorders.  Chair: Morgan James, Rutgers University;  Co-Chair: Michelle Bilotti, Rutgers University. Speakers: Claire Foldi, Monash University; Sarah Stern, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience; Michelle Bilotti, Rutgers University; Robyn Brown, University of Melbourne.

Heterogeneous influences on social behavior networks.  Chair: Benjamin Rood, Rowan University;  Co-Chair: Millie Rincón-Cortés, University of Texas at Dallas. Speakers: Millie Rincón-Cortés, University of Texas at Dallas; Benjamin Rood, Rowan University; Aras Petrulis, Georgia State University; Heather Caldwell, Kent State University.

Translational approaches for understanding the neurobiology of compulsions, compulsivity and habits in mental illness.  Chair: Elizabeth Manning, University of Newcastle;  Co-Chair: Jess Nithianantharajah, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Speakers: Poppy Watson, University of Technology Sydney; Karly Turner, University of NSW; Isabel Chew, University of Newcastle; Olivier George, University of California San Diego.

Running between bench and bedside:  Insight into the effects of exercise on cognition from rodents and humans. Chair: Jonathan Epp, University of Calgary/Hotchkiss Brain Institute;  Co-Chair: Cindy Barha, University of Calgary. Speakers: Paula Duarte Guterman, Brock University; Dylan Terstege, University of Calgary/Hotchkiss Brain Institute; Joram Mul, University of Amsterdam; Cindy Barha, University of Calgary/Hotchkiss Brain Institute; Kirk Erickson, Advent Health Research Institute.

Recreational drugs as therapeutic modulators of cognitive outcomes. Are they “misused” if they improve pathological behavior? Chair: Rachel L. Navarra, Rowan-Virtua School of Medicine;  Co-Chair: Abbie Schindler, University of Washington Medicine. Speakers: Rachel Navarra, Rowan-Virtua School of Medicine; Abbie Schindler, University of Washington Medicine; Alfred Kaye, Yale University School of Medicine; Jared Young, University of California San Diego.

Dynamics of social behavior in rodents - evolution and neural correlates.  Chair: Alexies Dagnino, Universidad de Valparaíso;  Co-Chair: Alexa Veenema, Michigan State University. Speakers: Juan Ignacio Sanguinetti, Harvard University; Cristina Marquez, Coimbra University; Alexies Dagnino, Universidad de Valparaíso; Alexa Veenema, Michigan State University.

Stress hormones, memory functions, and their implications for psychiatric disorders.  Chair: Gina L. Quirarte, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México;  Co-Chair: Giulia Chiacchierini, Sapienza University of Rome. Speakers: Gina L. Quirarte, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Christa K. McIntyre, University of Texas at Dallas; Giulia Chiacchierini, Sapienza University of Rome; Tanja Jovanovic, Wayne State University.

Role of dopamine in reward-seeking behavior. Chair: Claudio Da Cunha, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR); Saleem Nicola, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Claudio Da Cunha, Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR); Fábio Cruz, Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); William Sanchez-Luna, National Institutes of Health.

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Important Dates

Call for Symposium Proposals              September 18, 2023
Call for Travel Award Pre-Review
Program Mentors - Sign Up Today!
  October 6, 2023
Call for Pre-Review Program Applications   October 10, 2023
Travel Award Application Portal Opens
  October 10, 2023
Symposium Proposal Deadline   October 15, 2023
Pre-Review Program Application Deadline   November 10, 2023
Travel Award Application Deadline
  December 15, 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline    February 23, 2024
Early Registration    OPEN NOW!
Early Registration Rates End   April 15, 2024
Hotel Reservations Deadline - Book Today   May 10, 2024
Meeting Dates: Panama City, Panama   June 11-16, 2024


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In an unprecedented move, the IBNS Executive Committee has LOWERED the registration rates back to 2018 pricing for the upcoming meeting in Panama.  The IBNS Central Office was able to negotiate an excellent rate with the Westin Playa Bonita and the Executive Committee is passing those savings on to you.  Would you like to save another $50?  Join IBNS as a member.  Membership fees plus discounted member registration rate is $50 lower than the Non-Member rate.  Hotel sleeping room rates are also lower and INCLUDE all meals.  Rates will increase after April 15 (midnight CDT).

  Member Non-Member
Regular $550 $740
PostDoc $425 $555
Student $375 $475


Guest Registration.  If you plan to bring a guest (or child) to the social events at the meeting, you must register them using the Guest Registration Form.  A "Guest-Pass" allows your guest to attend the social functions (opening reception and awards banquet) of the meeting, but NOT the scientific sessions.  Note: If you are registered for the meeting the opening reception and awards banquet are included in the price of your registration.  

Click here to Register for the IBNS Annual Meeting
Click here to buy a Guest Pass

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Great news from the Westin Playa Bonita Hotel! The IBNS reservation link is now in perfect working order. If you've already reached out to the hotel by email, rest assured they're diligently working on your reservation. 

Just a friendly reminder: To ensure that you get the best deal, please make sure to book your room using the IBNS link. Booking through the Westin website or other platforms won't give you the same package deal we've arranged. Our special contract with the hotel includes all food and beverages and we have booked enough rooms for all attendees. Booking outside of the IBNS can create a financial issue if we don't fill the rooms we've reserved. Thanks for understanding. 

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with your reservation!

* * *

Most major airlines will fly into Tocumen International Airport (PTY), Panama City, Panama.

The Westin Playa Bonita Panama will be the venue for the IBNS 2024 annual meeting.  With over 67,000 square feet of sophisticated meeting and banquet facilities, it is the perfect place for networking and science.  The specially discounted IBNS inclusive rates make this an even more attractive location.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet are included with the room rate.  

IBNS blocks rooms for the attendees at a discounted rate, when attendees book rooms outside our block it compromises our ability to fulfill our contractual obligations.  The hotel is all-inclusive and booking a cheap fare on another website will cost you more overall.  The meals at ala carte prices are more expensive. There are no restaurants within walking distance outside of the hotel. 

Rates are in US dollars.

Room type Single Rate Double Rate*
Deluxe $185 + 10% per ROOM, per night $125 + 10% per PERSON, per night

* A surcharge of $125 per night applies for a 3rd adult in the room.
 Children up to 5 years old are free; children from 6-12 years are $69 per night.
 Property Map


Book Your Room


Location: The Westin Playa Bonita Panama, Km 6 Camino a Veracruz, Panama City Panama +507 304-6600

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Here is an option for transportation from the airport to the hotel. 

Panamazing DMC

Reservations must be made using this link to book your transportation: Link to book transportation with Panamazing DMC.  The cost of transportation (IBNS discounted rate) for 2 or more people is $26 USD per person, per way.  One person is $54 USD per way.  Children (age 3-12) costs $20 USD. This company is associated with the hotel and you can charge your transportation to your room.







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✓ Increase exposure and generate new leads
✓ Interact with key scientists and researchers who purchase your products/services

Basic-Exhibitor Package ($1,500) Includes 1 registration.

Premium-Exhibitor Package ($2,000) Includes 2 registrations.

Ultra-Exhibitor Package ($5,000) Includes 3 registrations. 

Showcase your brand on our meeting app banner $1,000


Please contact the IBNS Central Office to discuss sponsorship options.

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