Travel Awards

General informationThe deadline to apply for a Travel Award is February 1, 2021.  Student and Postdoc Travel Awards will be available for the 2021 IBNS Annual Meeting, to be held at the June 1-5, 2021, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students members are eligible to apply (Postdocs must be within 7 years of receiving their Ph.D. and do not have a regular, full-time position). Login/password will be required to submit an application. New to IBNS?  Please allow 4-6 business days for your membership application to be approved. Members from underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply. Travel Award recipients are required to present a poster as well as participate in a slide blitz session. Award recipients are required to attend the entire meeting. 

Evaluation Process:  Travel Award applicants are judged based on criteria specific to their level of training. In addition, travel costs will be taken into consideration in determining the final amount of the award. A rubric will be used to evaluate materials to standardize assessment and scores will be calculated.  The Diversity Committee Liaisons for the Education and Training Committee, in coordination with the Chair and Co-Chair, will identify those applicants who identified as coming from an underrepresented group based on the diversity survey questions in the application. Together, they will enhance diverse representation among Travel Awardees by aiming for a target goal for the percentage of diverse awardees. Initially, the target will be a minimum of 20% of applicants from underrepresented groups, but we hope to increase this target over time. 

Before starting the application, please be prepared for the following items in order to complete the application:
  1. Diversity survey (questions will be included on application form)
  2. Individual (not symposium) abstract for the meeting with the applicant as the first author
  3. CV (Curriculum vita/Resume)
  4. Research Productivity Considerations (optional)
  5. Please explain if financial assistance to travel to the meeting is needed, and if so, how it will help you and/or your lab. Refer to the rubric.
  6. Diversity and Inclusion Statement (required)
  7. Letter of Recommendation (required)   

You will also need to attach the following in a SINGLE pdf file with the title of the PDF file being your last name followed by your first name (e.g. Doe_Jane.PDF).  Be sure that you have your PDF file (support letter and CV) prepared before starting this application. 

All qualified applicants will be eligible to win a 2021 Travel Award for the hybrid meeting held in Puerto Vallarta regardless of their ability to attend to the meeting in person. All award winners will receive an award certificate, free registration to the 2021 meeting, 1 year membership, participation in the mentorship program, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Travel Award Blitz presentations and attend all other trainee events held during the meeting.

All additional travel award proceeds are intended as reimbursement only for in person travel to the meeting.

Those who received travel awards to the cancelled 2020 meeting will be granted a one-time allowance to apply within the same category for a travel award in 2021. This has not been allowed in previous years. These returning applicants will compete against all of the 2021 applicants and no preferential status will be given.


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