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Thursday, March 23, 2023 (5:00pm-6:00pm ET)

The International Behavioral Neuroscience Society is proud to announce the next installment of our virtual, global seminar series for early career researchers, “IBNS (is) Staying Connected.”

Dario Aspesi
University of Guelph

Behave like a male! The rapid effects of neuroactive sex steroids on social recognition and aggression in male mice

Dario Aspesi, M.Sc. is currently a PhD candidate at Guelph University working with Dr. Elena Choleris. His work aims to understand the rapid effects of testosterone and its metabolites in modulating social recognition and aggression in male mice. He has worked in a range of labs and has cultivated an impressive skill set, including experience with sophisticated behavioral assays, genetic manipulations, viral manipulations, assays for protein, genes, and neurosteroid changes in addition to his commitment to mentoring the next generation of scientists. Dario is an International Student Ambassador at the University of Guelph, helping to organize professional events for international students and is a member of the ALBA network, which aims to improve diversity and equity in the brain sciences across the world.

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