Special Symposia - 28th Annual IBNS Meeting

Feeling the emotions of others: From behavior to circuits. Chair:  Ewelina Knapska.  Co-Chair:  Francesca Manago.  Speakers:  Peggy Mason, Ewelina Knapska, Andrew Holmes, Francesca Manago.

The translational potential of cannabinoids: From animal models to the clinic. Chair:  Michael Bowen.  Co-Chair:  Sarah Baracz.  Speakers:  Francisco Guimaraes, Cathrin Rohleder, Iain Mcgregor, Lyndsey Anderson.

Translational models of human neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disease: Integrating neuroimmunology, neuroendocrinology and behavior. Chair:  Melissa Bauman.  Co-Chair:  Debra Bangasser.  Speakers:  Judy Van De Water, Melissa Bauman, Debra Bangasser, Cheryl Conrad.

The importance of being earnest about sex and stress effects on cognition across the lifespan. Chair:  Liisa Galea.  Speakers:  Jared Young, Travis Hodges, Sarah Johnson, Lisa Kalynchuk.

Animal brains gone wild:  Neuroethological explorations of vertebrate nervous systems and adaptive functions. Chair:  Kelly Lambert.  Speakers:  Thomas Park, Kelly Lambert, Larry Young, Suzana Herculano-Houzel.

Mood and motivation - behavioural outcomes from central challenges. Chair:  Zane Andrews.  Co-Chair:  Rosemary Brown.  Speakers:  Alon Chen, Stephanie Fulton, Sharon Ladyman, Joon Kim.

Metabolic signals and adaptive survival behaviours. Chair:  Dave Grattan.  Co-Chair:  Sharon Ladyman.  Speakers:  Alfonso Abizaid, Zane Andrews, Yeka Aponte, Sarah Spencer.

Food for thought: Diet and environmental impacts on behaviour and physiology. Chair:  Ilia KaratsoreosCo-Chair:  Margaret MorrisSpeakers:  Benjamin Lau, Margaret Morris, Ilia Karatsoreos, Siobhan Banks.

Stress, neuroimmune signaling and psychiatric disease. Chair:  Lisa Briand.  Speakers:  Natalie Tronson, Sara Jane Ward, Lisa Briand, Ryan Bachtell.

Signaling: A key to the diverse mechanisms of steroid hormone action in the brain. Chair:  Shaila Mani.  Speakers:  Paul Micevych, Pooja Raval, Shaila Mani, Karl Iremonger.

Healthy aging of the brain: Mixing old and new ways to improve cognition. Chair:  Andrew A. Butler.  Co-Chair:  Susan A. Farr.  Speakers:  Leonie Heilbronn, Andrew Butler, Therese Salameh, Susan Farr.

Pain, opioids, and the immune response. Chair:  Michelle Hook.  Speakers:  Michelle Hook, Peter Grace, Macdonald Christie, Nicholas Veldhuis.

Early intervention for altered developmental trajectories in psychiatric disorders. Chair:  Francesco Papaleo.  Speakers:  Francesco Papaleo, Daniel Hoops, Tertia Purves-Tyson, Tsuyoshi Miyakawa.

Recent perspectives on action control and decision-making. Chair:  Bernard Balleine.  Co-Chair:  Shauna Parkes.  Speakers:  Shauna Parkes, Bernard Balleine, Karly Turner, Andrew Holmes.

Measuring impact of social interaction across species. Chair:  Femke Buisman-Pijlman.  Speakers:  Marijke Achterberg, Jean-loup Rault, Femke Buisman-Pijlman, Adam Guastella.

Factors contributing to the escalation of ethanol consumption. Chair:  F. Scott Hall.  Speakers:  F. Scott Hall, Christina Barr, Olivier George, Klaus Miczek.

Neurobiology through lens of diverse models. Chair:  Ajai Vyas.  Co-Chair:  Serafino Teseo.  Speakers:  Frederic Libersat, Ajay Sriram Mathuru, Serafino Teseo, Ajai Vyas.

Mining CNVs: Identification of CNV-encoded individual genes as potential therapeutic targets for neuropsychiatric disorders. Chair:  Noboru Hiroi.  Co-Chair:  Craig M. Powell.  Speakers:  Craig M. Powell, Christian Schaaf, Toru Takumi, Noboru Hiroi.

New insights into basal-ganglia circuitry: Translational relevance for instrumental action and decision-making. Chair:  Miriam Matamales.  Co-Chair:  Vincent Laurent.  Speakers:  Christelle Baunez, Vincent Laurent, Miriam Matamales, Irina Baetu.

Making the right choice: Decision making under conflict. Chair:  Elizabeth Manning.  Co-Chair:  Laura Bradfield.  Speakers:  Laura Bradfield, Elizabeth Manning, Susan Sangha, Mihaela Iordanova.

Elucidation of novel microcircuits regulating aversive memories. Chair:  Luke Johnson.  Co-Chair:  Jason Radley.  Speakers:  Valerie Doyere, Jason Radley, Luke Johnson, Sumantra Chattarji.

From phenotype to pharmacological intervention: Behavioral measures for enabling translational research. Chair:  Stacey Sukoff Rizzo.  Co-Chair:  Andre Der-Avakian.  Speakers:  Jill Silverman, Jared Young, Jess Nithianantharajah, Stacey Sukoff Rizzo.

Tuning in to USVs and social behavior. Chair:  John Neumaier.  Co-Chair:  Kevin Coffey.  Speakers:  Kevin Coffey, Catherine Marler, David Euston, Bernhard Englitz.

Cross species investigation of the neural substrates of decision making. Chair: Kate Wassum.  Speakers:  Laura Bradfield, Kate Wassum, Vincent Costa, Becket Ebitz.

Construction and disruption of memory circuits during development. Chair:  Tallie Z. Baram.  Co-Chair:  Annabel K. Short.  Speakers:  Gregory L. Holmes, Christine M. Gall, Annabel K. Short, Tallie Z. Baram.

Prediction error, dopamine and beyond. Chair:  Mihaela Iordanova.  Co-Chair:  Laura Corbit.  Speakers:  Geoffrey Schoenbaum, Laura Corbit, Michael McDannald, Mihaela Iordanova.

Recent advances in the neurobiology of relapse to drug use in addiction. Chair:  Taco De Vries.  Speakers:   Ida Fredriksson, Selena Bartlett, Nathan Marchant, Asheeta Prasad.

Electrophysiological neural mechanisms underlying psychiatry-relevant behaviors. Chair:  Jared Young.  Co-Chair:  Jess Nithianantharajah.  Speakers:  Joshua Gordon, Steve Siegel, Dhakshin Ramanathan, Andre Der Avakian.

Linking behavior with images of the tetrapartite synapse of the reward system circuitry. Chair:  Sade Spencer.  Co-Chair:  Davide Amato.  Speakers:  Davide Amato, Anna Kruyer, Alex Smith, Sade Spencer.

Modeling depression effectively in animal work. Chair:  Aditya Panta.  Speakers:  Michelle Hook, Liisa Galea, Raquel Chacon Ruiz Martinez, Lyndsey Collins-Praino.

Personality driven alcohol use and abuse - Distinct mechanisms revealed. Chair:  Christian P. Müller.  Co-Chair:  Kasia Radwanska.  Speakers:  Kasia Radwanska, Christian P. Müller, Olivier George, Taco DeVries.

Genetics and epigenetics of behavioral phenotypes in animal models of stress-related psychopathology. Chair:  _____________.  Co-Chair:  __________________.  Speakers:  Jordan Marrocco (cancelled), Maarten Van Den Buuse, Laura Musazzi (cancelled), Rupshi Mitra.

NMDA receptors, electrophysiology and behaviour: Implications for schizophrenia. Chair:  Nigel Jones.  Co-Chair:  Lauren Harms.  Speakers:  Bita Moghaddam, Nigel Jones, Lauren Harms, Steven Siegel.