Committees 2018

IBNS is committed to furthering all fields of research related to Behavioral Neuroscience.  With the help of our members, we are impacting scientific endeavors all over the world!  However, we could not be successful without the efforts of our committee members who help to carry out the work of the society.  Are you interested in committee membership opportunities?  Would you like to serve as a leader in IBNS?  Visit IBNS Committee Member Opportunities to let us know more about your interests.

Membership & Communications
Jodi Pawluski, Chair
Julianne Jett, Co-Chair
Cindy Barha, Council Liaison
Thomas Endres
Cheryl Rosenfeld
Patricia Tremblaye, Social Media Co-Chair
Davide Amato, Newsletter Co-Chair
Charles Heyser
Benoit Martin
Liubov Kalinchenko
Nick Everett
Arlene Martinez

Education & Training
Jill Silverman, Past-Chair
Stacey Sukoff Rizzo, Chair
Corina Bondi, Co-Chair
Mu Yang
Markus Woehr
Elisa Hill-Yardin
Miguel Skirzewski Prieto
Jared Young
Sarah Baracz
Zackary Cope

Finance & Fundraising 
Robert Gerlai, Chair 
F. Scott Hall
Jill Silverman, Co-Chair
Mikhail Pletnikov (Treasurer)
Anthony Kline

Local Organizing Committee, Puerto Rico 2018
F. Scott Hall (Council Liaison)
Carmen Maldonado-Vlaar (Chair)
Arlene Martinez-Rivera, Weill Cornell Medical College
Carlos Bolanos-Guzman, Texas A&M University
Yancy Ferrer-Acosta, Universidad Central Del Caribe
Dr. Manuel Diaz, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus

Nominations & Awards
Mikhail Pletnikov, Council Liaison
Gernot Riedel
Haim Einat
Zoltan Sarnyai
F. Scott Hall, Chair
Kim Gerecke

Anthony Kline, Past-Chair
Elena Choleris, Chair
Farida Sohrabji, Co-Chair
F. Scott Hall (Council Liaison)
Tiffany Donaldson
Monica Bolton
Julianne Jett
Jill McGaughy
Verity Brown
Christie Pizzamenti
Corina Bondi
Kelly Lambert
Mumeko Tsuda
Peter Kalivas
Cindy Barha