To apply for a travel award you must be a current member of IBNS. There are three categories for travel awards: Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Doc. (Note: Post-Docs must be within 7 years of their PhD and do not have regular full time position.)

After completing the text boxes on the online application you will be asked to upload the following items in a SINGLE PDF file. To facilitate processing your application should include in the following order:

• abstract for the meeting with the applicant as the first author
• curriculum vita
• A one page personal statement describing your goals in behavioral neuroscience and how attending the IBNS meeting will enrich your training
• support letter from your advisor, program director or chair which includes a description of the role you played in the research being presented

Please combine all four documents in the above order into ONE PDF file, with the title of the PDF file being your last name followed by your first name (e.g. Doe_Jane.PDF).

Even though your abstract is included in the PDF that you submit for the travel awards, you will also be required to submit your abstract online by the February 1 deadline.  The abstract form will be available in early January 2019. 

After submitting your application, a confirmation page will come up. Applicants will be notified about the awards via email in mid-January. If you do not receive a confirmation page, please contact the IBNS Central Office.

Be sure that you have your PDF file prepared before starting this application.