Online Posters:  The Details

The IBNS program is now available.  
To view the presentations and participate in the IBNS Online Poster Sessions you must be registered. See details below.  Once you have registered, your name will be added to the access list in our web app.  You will receive an email with the link to login. Please note that the office is open from 8-5 CDT, Monday-Friday.  Access may be delayed to those registrations made outside of open hours.

Online Poster Viewing Dates:  
August 3, 8:00 AM CDT through August 7, 5:00 PM CDT.  Posters will be up for viewing and questions/answers continually through the week.  No need to wake up at 2:00 AM if you are in a different time zone!  View at your convenience.
How do I register to just view the posters?
Registration will be required for everyone.  Click on the blue "Register" button below to register.

Registration Fees:
$15 Non-member trainee (student and postdoc)
$50 Non-member faculty
Free with membership

Not a member? Join IBNS--all members receive free participation in the poster session and a 25% discount on membership in 2021 (excludes multiple-year memberships). Link to membership form.

Will the final posters at the online session be viewable on our computer – Yes, you will be able to see all aspects of the poster sessions on your computer, even better than the mobile app.

What if I have other obligations during the Poster Sessions, Aug. 3-7?
No problem! The IBNS Online Posters sessions are not "live" but "online".

Here's how it will work:
Registrants to the sessions will post Questions on our Whova app.

You will be able to Answer through our app and this can be done at your convenience during Aug. 3-7. This will accommodate those in different time zones as well.

Get our official event app
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For feature details, visit Whova

Whova FAQ’s

How to Sign In


Sign in options
Enter the email address you used for event registration.  

Create password and type in your name.

Profile editing
Other attendees will see this and network with you, so make it look good. You can edit it later; click your profile picture (or a default headshot image) at top-left corner of the event “Home.”

Access your event main page
The Web App and Mobile App will take you to your event page automatically.


The Three Most Popular Features


Session Search
Whova lists all the sessions on each event day. For the IBNS event, all posters are available each day. You can search by keywords, title, or name.

Personal Schedule in “My Agenda”
The session includes the abstract, poster, video/audio presentations, speaker profiles, etc. You can add posters to your own personal agenda for later reference.

Participating in sessions through the app
While viewing a poster, you can click Like, ask questions or leave comments, and rate the session. You can take down your personal notes too.


Plan Your Networking

With a little planning, you can make many valuable connections. Explore who else is attending the event. You can search by keywords including company name or title. You can click attendees in the list, and see their professional profiles. You can take a note, or request contact information.

Recommended Connections for You
Click the Recommended tab on the top of the Attendees list to find Whova’s recommendations about people you may be interested in networking with. Click into each item to see attendees who came from the same city or have the same affiliations, educational backgrounds, or interests as you. Make sure that your profile has enough information to match with other attendees. To edit your profile, click the pen icon in your profile preview

Say-Hi, In-app Messaging, and Private Group Chat
You can see the professional background information of fellow attendees, and say “Hi” with a click.

Or, start chatting through private in-app messages. By clicking the button on the top of the page, you can invite more people to join the conversation. Just convert it to a private group chat.

Meeting scheduler
Use the meeting scheduling feature to suggest a time and a place to virtually meet someone. If your request is accepted, you’ll see a notification and it’ll also show up in your agenda.

Community Board

Create conversational topics and interact with others even prior to your event. You can plan social activities and gatherings with fellow attendees, ask organizers or attendees any questions, break the ice by selecting and answering fun questions, explore job opportunities, and do much more.

Depending on your interests, you can enable notifications from certain topics on the Community Board. At top-right corner of the Community Board, click the vertical dots (settings) and find “Notification Settings”. Alternatively, you can find the app “Settings” on the left-side slide menu (open it by clicking your profile picture or the default headshot image at top-left corner of the event “Home”).

More questions, please contact the IBNS Central Office by email.


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