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Updated November 13, 2020

Translation of Apathy-Like Behaviour, from Humans to Animals.  Chairs: Gernot Riedel, Lianne Strachan (Robinson).  Speakers: Eline Dreesen, Richard Brown, John Salamone, Andre Aleman, Frank Hezemans.

Neuroscience of Maternal Mental Illness. Chair: Jodi Pawluski. Speakers: Elseline Hoekzema, Benedetta Leuner, Joseph Lonstein, Jodi Pawluski.

Using Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning to Reveal Associative and Nonassociative Consequences of Traumatic Stress. Chairs: Michael Drew; Susan Sangha. Speakers: Abha Rajbhandari, Moriel Zelikowsky, Andrew Poulos, Michael Drew, Alessia Mastrodonato.

Contributions of the Cingulate-Retrosplenial Cortical Axis to Learning and Memory Consolidation. Chairs: Nicole Ferrara; Janine Kwapis. Speakers: Nicole Ferrara, Aaron Jasnow, Sydney Trask, Janine Kwapis.

Clinical and Experimental Assessment of Behaviors Associated with Dementia: Challenges and Solutions. Chairs: Farida Sohrabji; Gregory Bix. Speakers: Terry Quinn, Marion Buckwalter, Jerome Badaut, Aditya Panta.

Origins of Sex Differences in Behavior: The Unusual Suspects. Chairs: Debra Bangasser; Georgia Hodes. Speakers: Marianne Seney, A.J. Robison, Georgia Hodes, Debra Bangasser.

Neural Systems Regulating Responses to Stress, Threat, and Safety. Chairs: Ryan LaLumiere; Heidi Meyer. Speakers: Jason Radley, Michael Baratta, Susan Sangha, Heidi Meyer.

A New Perspective on the Role of the Insular Cortex in Cognition and Behavior Based on Pre-Clinical Research. Chairs: John Christianson; Anna Beyeler. Speakers: Yoav Livneh, Nadine Gogolla, John Christianson, Anna Beyeler.

Memory and Plasticity in Development and Maturation - Periods of Vulnerability and Opportunity. Chair: Jee Hyun Kim. Speakers: Paul Frankland, Judy Sng, Yvonne Nolan, Jee Hyun Kim.

Glial Control of Neuronal Plasticity and Behavior. Chairs: Pavel Ortinski; Jill Turner. Speakers: Kathryn Reissner, Jill Turner, Annalisa Scimemi, Pavel Ortinski.

The Role of the Environment on the Penetrance of Neuro Developmental Disorders. Chairs: Lorenzo More; Lucia Privitera. Speakers: Victorio Bambini-Junior, Carmem Gottfried, Lucia Privitera, Lorenzo More.

Hormone-Mediated Neuroplasticity Across Behaviors. Chairs: Laura Been; Liisa Galea. Speakers: Erica Glasper, Laura Been, Liisa Galea, Paul Sheppard.

Reward Seeking vs Addiction: Exploring the Phenotypes of Substance Use Disorder Using Rodent Models. Chairs: Christina Perry; Andrew Lawrence. Speakers: Bianca Jupp, Christina Perry, Nathan Marchant, Morgan James.

New Directions in Modelling Dysregulated Reward Seeking. Chairs: Robyn Brown; Morgan James. Speakers: Robyn Brown, Morgan James, Rachel Smith, Chris Dayas.

Developmental Origin of Neurocognitive Behavioral Disorders in Adolescence and Adults. Chair: Shameena Bake. Speakers: Elizabeth Byrnes, Shameena Bake, Charlis Raineki, Julie Kable.

The Rodent Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Associated Circuits in Behavior Under Variable Demands. Chair: John Howland. Speakers:  Rutsuko Ito, John Howland, Christopher Lapish, Franz Villaruel.

The Cognitive Basis of Drug Relapse: Neural Circuitry Underlying Extinction and Reinstatement of Reward-Seeking Behavior. Chair: Amelia Eisch. Speakers: Amelia Eisch, Ryan LaLumiere, Najmeh Katebi, Suzanne Nolan.

Translation Across the Lifespan: Genetic and Environmental Risk Models for Complex Disease. Chairs: Jill L. Silverman; Jonathan L. Brigman. Speakers: Stacey J. Sukoff Rizzo, Kristen D. Onos, Jonathan L. Brigman, Jill L. Silverman.

Consequences of Cancer and Cancer Treatment on the Brain and Behaviour. Chairs: Stephen Kent; Adam Walker. Speakers: Haryana Dhillon, Florence Joly, Leah Pyter, Susanna Rosi, Adam Walker.

Electronic Vapor Self-Administration Studies: A New Era for Addiction Research. Chair: Olivier George.  Speakers: Marsida Kallupi, Halle Weimar, Renata Marchette, Brandon Henderson.

The Role of Neuronal Ensembles in Learned Behaviors. Chairs: Brandon Warren; Rajtarun Madangopal.  Speakers: Brandon Warren, Ana Clara Bobadilla, Steve Ramirez, Rajtarun Madangopal.

Social Effects of Neuropeptide Oxytocin: Two Sides of a Coin.  Chairs: Rohit Menon, Inga Neumann.  Speakers: Robert Froemke, Jelena Radulovic, Rohit Menon, Brian Trainor.

How Are Memories Organized in the Brain? Insights From Studies of Higher-Order Conditioning.  Chairs: Nathan Holmes, Mihaela Iordanova.  Speakers: Arnau Busquets-Garcia, Evan Hart, Nathan Holmes, Mihaela Iordanova.

Synaptic Plasticity Underlying Obesity-Linked Motivational Changes.  Chairs: Bridget Alexandra Matikainen-Ankney, Carrie Ferrario.  Speakers: Bridget Matikainen-Ankney, Carrie Ferrario, Miriam Bocarsly, Christopher Mazzone, Lauren Seabrook.

Integrating Neurotechnology With Behaviour and Open Science Through Touchscreens.  Chairs: Julie R. Dumont, Timothy J. Bussey.  Speakers: Miguel Skirzewski Prieto, Sara Memar, Anna Radke, Jess Nithianantharajah, Sanghee Yun, Mark Brandon.

Stressed Out: Tracking the Impact of Stress Across the Lifespan.  Chairs: Sarah Baracz, Anand Gururajan.  Speakers: Staci Bilbo, Sarah Baracz, Anand Gururajan, Orna Issler.

Group Behavior Analysis in Animal Models of Human Conditions.  Chair: Ksenia Meyza.  Speakers: J. Douglas Armstrong, Nozomi Endo, Yair Shemesh, Ksenia Meyza.

Ketamine: The Good, The Bad, and The Potential Ugly.  Chairs: Linda Perrotti, Carlos Bolanos-Guzman.  Speakers: Linda Perrotti, Omar Sial, Arturo Zavala, Sergio Iniguez.

The Thalamus as a Regulator of Motivated Behaviors.  Chairs: Fabricio Do Monte, Mario Penzo.  Speakers: Jessica Barson, Douglas Engelke, Sofia Beas, Xiaoke Chen.

Neuro-Immune Crosstalk and CB2Rs in Marijuana-Cannabinoid Medicine.  Chairs: Ana Canseco-Alba, Hiroki Ishiguro.  Speakers: Ana Canseco-Alba, Hiroki Ishiguro, Syed F. Ali, Emmanuel Onaivi.

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Program Committee 

Lisa Briand, Chair, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA 2022
Gregory Carr, Co-Chair & Diversity Comm Liaison, Lieber Inst for Brain Dvlpmnt, Baltimore, MD, USA 2022
Jill McGaughy, President-Elect, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA 2021
Amanda Kentner, Diversity Committee Liaison, MCPHS University, Boston, MA, USA 2021
Cindy Barha, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 2021
Yasushi Kiyokawa, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 2021
Stan Floresco, Council Liaison, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 2022
Anand Gururajan, Diversity Committee Liaison, University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia 2023
Molly Kent, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA, USA 2023
Barry Waterhouse, Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Stratford, NJ, USA 2023
Jill Silverman, MIND Institute, UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, CA, USA 2023

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